Custom Printer Service

Do you have an art that you own or painted and want them on a large poster to put on your wall? Are those printing services around the neighborhood or around the Internet too expensive or too low quality? Want just one poster print and not a restrictive minimum order quantity? Have just done a commission or a customer and wanted to offer an extra value to your valued customer? You've come to the right place!

Our professional photo printers can reproduce images in their true colors. Unlike most of the printers out there, our printers can replicate RGB with full saturation without losses!


In fact, we use only the best paper media, premium luster photo papers, to produce our prints! This will give the colors their shine without the dull texture of matte photo papers or the glare of glossy photo papers.

Borderless Printing

We are also proud to introduce Metallic Luster photo papers to add a metallic gleam to the lighter colors of your artworks and photos.

Metallic Luster vs Premium Luster

See our 24-inch Wide Format Professional Photo Printer in action!

Our professional photo printers can print on various sizes, including wide format prints!

Our current print sizes are as following:

Print Size Differences

Need templates for printing? Here are the templates for all 4 print sizes this service has to offer:

Having problem extracting ZIP files? Try these links to download the template files as PSD files: Service to trim prints and posters to fit smaller sizes is available for a fee.

Bleed Edge: This service will print all images with borderless printing enabled as default. This means the printer will intentionally print each image slightly beyond the edge of the paper so to fully utilize the entire paper. The margin on 4 sides of the image that will be printed beyond the paper is known as bleed edge. The template files above contain the approximate margin of which the bleed edge will be. Please keep in mind that the margin is strictly an estimate and the printer might scale it a centimeter or 2 beyond or behind the bleed edge lines.

What to do about bleed edge?

With borderless printing turned off, the printer will center the image on paper and leave a white, unprinted margin around it (where bleed edge margin will be). Your image will be printed on paper with a lot of white space around it.

Hope that helps with bleed edge!

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